This post was written in accompaniment to the packing video I posted on our YouTube channel. I recommend watching it first.

In my daypack is where I keep the things that I need on the road.

Wallet (or money pouch)
My Sony A7II and 25mm prime lens. It is an APC-S lens so it’s cropped to 35mm. Only reason I don’t have a full frame prime is because this lens is from my old camera and I can’t afford another one.
I also carry a tele-zoom lens. Mine is a 24-200mm. Heavy vignetting at its widest, and not all that sharp, but for a tele-zoom, portability is 10/10.
I keep my GoPro on it’s gimbal for capturing pan shots and surroundings.
A pair of sunnies to feel invisible
My cap for when I can’t be bothered doing my hair.
You always need a pen. Don’t be that guy who has to borrow the pen at customs.
My spare batteries and power bank can get quite heavy so most of the time they stay in my big bag. But I keep these on me for long day trips, over night stays, and on the plane cos you can’t check them in.
These next three items have been MVPs on my trip, and are highly recommended.
Headphones, not only for long transits, but for watching movies in quiet dorms, or for drowning out noise in loud ones. The headphone splitter is my ALL TIME favourite item if you are travelling with another.
I was at first apprehensive about digital books, but I am now a convert. Books are just too heavy to lug around, and the backlight on this means you can still read in the dorm baby when the lights go out.
Wet wipes are God sent (God Scented) because you never know when you’ll need them. Spills, sticky hands, dirty shoes, sweat bag, sweaty back, no showers.

My valuables stay on me during transit, otherwise they are usually locked away at our accomodation.

My laptop; my life
My passport holder with important documents and spare cash
My hard drive which is the only saved copy of this entire trip.

Everything else lives in my check-in bag. It is a 50L Hybrid bag that I bought from Kathmandu. Hybrid means it can be rolled around at airports, or worn as a backpack on unpaved surfaces. 50 litres is plenty. A smaller bag forces you to be minimalistic. I’ve split it’s contents into the following categories:

1. Clothing Essentials
2. Winter/Trekking Specific
3. Beach/Gym Specific

Clothing Essentials

Five t-shirts: white, grey, black, snot green, and one for bed
Three pairs of pants: trackies, jeans, chinos
Three pairs of shorts: One above knee, and one below, one for home.
Street shoes, exercise shoes, and thongs m8
Lots of socks
And lots of underwear, Je ne porte que Ralph Lauren. Oh, except that Under Armour one that acts like the red line at the end of a tape roll.

Outdoor/Trekking/Winter Gear

A main layer
An outer layer
A waterproof layer
Compression leggings
Thermal pants for extreme cold
Hiking Shoes
Trekking socks

Beach/Gym Gear

Two singlets
Gym shorts / Beach shorts
Beach towel
Exercise bands


Nail clipper
Moisturiser, shampoo, body wash, face wash
Hair stuff
Towel (NOT IN SHOT) We recommend a small face towel. You will be surprised and how small a towel you need to dry yourself. Also, we do not recommend microfibre towels, as we learnt from experiences that these pick up and keep smells very easily

My toiletries bag has a hook for hanging, and this is absolutely essential for small bathrooms, and general handiness.

Everything packs away nicely with the help of packing cells. These compartmentalise my otherwise chaotic bag, and allow me to take out what I need without having to mess up the everything else.

As I mentioned earlier, this post is a breakdown of what appears in the video so please check that out. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below. Happy packing! 🙂

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